Choosing The Right Digital Cyber Doc Provider is not just another Digital Cyber Doc company. We do provide 24/7 access to a doctor, but we want our clients to utilize our services and tools everyday to help stay healthy. We are your Healthcare Solutions Partner that will provide your clients with innovative and valuable access to healthcare anytime, anywhere.

Consider the following criteria when considering a Digital Cyber Doc provider for your company:

  • Are the physicians in the vendor's Digital Cyber Doc offering required to complete a credentialing process?
  • Is the process of reaching an actual doctor (not a nurse or nurse-practitioner) simple, convenient and fast? Vendors who promise that a caller will get a call back "within a few hours" should be avoided.
  • Does the vendor offer access via multiple contact channels--phone, email and video conference?
  • Can the doctor write a prescription when appropriate?
  • What is the complete cost of the benefit? This is an area where vendors vary greatly. Some Digital Cyber Doc vendors charge a monthly per member fee plus a copay for each call made. The vendor may set a monthly limit as to how many calls a member can make. Part of the argument in favor of Digital Cyber Doc is to help employees avoid a copay at the doctor's office. So, look for a Digital Cyber Doc vendor who doesn't require a copay or a maximum monthly call limit. There are a few quality vendors in the industry that charge an affordable monthly fee and offer unlimited calls per month with no copays.
  • Does the vendor take a complete survey of the patient's pertinent medical information upon enrollment and forward the information from each call to the employee's primary care physician? Information integration is crucial to providing proper care.
  • Finally, does the vendor have a history of proven success working with employees and helping employers save money? Ask for proof.

Here are just a few reasons that makes different

  • Proprietary systems built from the ground up
  • Rigorous physician credentialing
  • No customer service outsourcing
  • On-site bi-lingual and medically trained staff
  • No time limits on consultations
  • Two hour call-back guarantee


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